The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S2 Acessory Pack

The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S2 Accessory Pack from MobileFun contains 6 must have accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S2 including Galaxy S2 Desk Stand, Galaxy S2 Car Holder, FlexiShield Skin for Galaxy S2, Mini Portable Desk Stand, Galaxy S2 Car Charger and 5 x MFX Screen Protector.

These items from the Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S2 Accessory Pack contains items to protect, charge and make the most of your Galaxy S2. It even includes holders which allow you to use your Galaxy S2 at home, in the office or in the car. Each accessory is made with a small, discreet and lightweight design.

By the way, if you are looking for Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus Cases, we recommend you get it from MobileFun.

Galaxy S2 Car Holder
The Galaxy S2 Car Holder allows users to position Galaxy S2 on cars windscreen or the dashboard.
Galaxy S2 Desktop Holder
Galaxy S2 Desktop Holder comes with a solid metal stand which holds the holder in place.
MFX Screen Protector
MFX Screen Protector keeps your Galaxy S2′s precious screen from scratches.
FlexiShield Skin for Galaxy S2
FlexiShield Skin for Galaxy S2 is a stylish protective skin for your Galaxy S2.
Galaxy S2 Desk Stand
Galaxy S2 Mini Portable Desk Stand attaches itself to the back of your phone and allows comfortable viewing angle.
Galaxy S2 Car Charger
Galaxy S2 Car Charger ensures your Galaxy S2′s battery stays topped up whilst your in the car

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