Cool Bananas SmartShell for iPad 2

I am using Apple’s innovative, magnetized Smart Cover which effectively and elegantly protects the front/screen of iPad 2. To complement the Smart Cover from Apple, i use the the Cool Bananas SmartShell to protect the back of iPad 2. I chose SmartShell with clear colour because it takes nothing away from the good looks of the iPad 2.

Made from a hard wearing TPU material, the Cool Bananas SmartShell protects the most area of the back ensuring the iPad 2 looks as good as the day users purchase them. As expected, the SmartShell case has cutouts for the various ports and features of the iPad 2 such as the dock connector, speaker and the rear camera.

This case also has a gap left specially for the magnets of smart cover to be attached. If you are a person who frequently drop your iPad, you will be delighted to know that this SmartShell in conjunction with the Smart Cover will protect your iPad 2 from accidental bumps and scrapes so your purchase will last longer. By the way, if you are looking for iPad 2 cases, head over to MobileFun.

Cool Bananas SmartShell 1

Cool Bananas SmartShell 2

Cool Bananas SmartShell 3

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